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Reduce the print on the screen. its nice and qwik but theres lots going on.

Theres lots of writing and adverts ont he screen. It takes careful reading to navigate your way. Although its an awsome site when you get going.

Candice Farrell , 17.08.2010, 18:37
Idea status: in process


Rick, 11.03.2012, 11:21
I have tried pho.to but I crashes on my ipad2 in 5 seconds. It looks nice from what I can see but unusable. I have tried reinstalling and doesn't work. Rick
markova, 13.03.2012, 09:56
Dear Rick,
THE APP CRASHES HAVE BEEN FIXED. We apologize for inconvenience, now
the app should work successfully.
lubna, 18.02.2015, 15:21
please delete my all photos
markova, 19.02.2015, 07:33
Dear Lubna! Please send us the links for deletion.
lubna, 19.02.2015, 08:19
i have already send link through email at support@pho.to

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